About Us

We created Plus N Consulting after working in the industry for decades. From of the experience and expertise we built, emerged a simple and powerful mission:

We make software solutions that work.

We see our clients as part of our team. We see ourselves as an extension of your team. We work together on projects. We pride ourselves on the results.

We help you make the right use of software solutions. We design systems that you can use. We implement solutions that move your business forward. We work with your staff to innovate, create, adopt, and embrace solutions that work - work for you.

How do we engage with our clients?

  • We map out together what your business is doing now (Assessment)
  • We help you discover out what systems may work for you (Envision)
  • We let you choose how your want to get there:
    • We offer implementation services.
    • We offer training services.
    • We offer software architecture services, letting you implement on your own or with a 3rd party.

Above all, we strive to create a working solution, a focused effort, a powerful system that works for you.

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