(+N) Consulting Inc.

Consulting. Software solutions. Training.

About Plus N Consulting

We created this company after working in the industry for close to 2 decades. We saw many things change over time. What has not changed is the constant challenge businesses face every day. The way we saw it, companies struggle to adopt and make good use of new technology. They struggle because vendors make many promises. They struggle because their resources are stretched. They struggle because the world is moving very fast.

We figured we can help people make the right use of software solutions. We design systems that they can use. We implement solutions that move their business forward. We work with their staff to innovate, create, adopt and embrace solutions that work - work for them.

  • We map out together what your business is doing now (we call this "Assessment")
  • We help you discover out what systems may work for you (we call this "Envision")
  • We let you chose how your want to get there (it is your business after all!)
  • We offer implementation services
  • We offer training services

Above all, we strive to create a working solution, a focused effort, a powerful system that works for you.